Practical Solutions

It is amazing the amount of problems in front of Congress that have not been resolved. Logistical, communication and energy infrastructure, health care, immigration, education, prison reform, etc…

We just passed a budget for this year, six months late. The last time Congress passed a budget on time no one alive can remember (that is a joke for the opposition research fact checkers).

When bills actually do get passed they tend to generally be the handiwork of lobbyists which end up mainly benefitting the special interests they represent. The process is slow and ineffective. Meanwhile the debt we will leave for future generations keeps growing and growing.

Surely there are ways to develop practical legislation that actually will work and achieve positive outcomes for society. One way is to learn from what State and Local governments are doing in places like Massachusetts and develop national programs or even better give greater support to successful local initiatives with Federal funding. Health care is an obvious area where we need new approaches. Today we spend, per capita, twice as much as the nearest developing country does for similar services yet the outcomes we get are anywhere between 18th and 38th in the world, depending on the study. We need to learn from other systems and adapt.

Businesses have embraced the practice of benchmarking their performance against their industry’s best performers in order to improve their effectiveness. Government can do the same.