Finding Common Ground

We all want the same things for our community, ourselves and our families, yet our political divisions seem to be very sharp and bitter. For the most part the Government and Congressional leadership tend to accentuate this divide to advance their interests and careers. A significant part of the media being circulated is no help, thriving on emphasizing conflict often at the expense of impartial reporting. What we end up with are on-going political rivalries that do not serve the public interest.

The way out of this mess, the way to restore civility and find solutions that work is for all the peoples’ Representatives to focus on promoting the interests of their constituents ahead of those of their party’s. Easier said than done, but we do know how to challenge status-quo thinking in Massachusetts. I am ready to pay a personal price and vote for what is best for the 6th District irrespective of either party’s position. I will team with Republicans, Democrats, Independents, anybody with whom we share common interests to get the job done.