Schneider Asks Moulton to Stop Hiding and Debate

Beverly, MA — On Election Day, the voters of the 6th District will choose who will represent their interests in Congress. Applying for the job is the incumbent Democrat Seth Moulton and his Republican challenger Joe Schneider. In order for the constituents to make an informed choice they are entitled to hear the two candidates debate the issues and present their visions. It’s the Massachusetts way, it’s the American way. Governor Baker and Jay Gonzalez have agreed to multiple debate, as have Senator Warren and Representative Diehl.

Joe Schneider has challenged Seth Moulton to at least three debate. So far Seth Moulton has turned down several offers from debate sponsors, agreeing only to have a “dialogue” right before the actual election… long after absentee ballots start being mailed in. This is unusual because in 2014 when he was running against Congressman Tierney, Moulton stated: “Massachusetts families deserve better than a Congressman who ducks and hides. I will debate Congressman Tierney anytime, anywhere.”

It’s time for Seth Moulton to step up and live up to his words and stated values, and agree to debate Joe Schneider, “anytime, anywhere”. To do less is to disrespect the voters that have sent him to Washington, as well as the fundamental principles of our democracy. Why is Moulton traveling the country campaigning at Democrat fundraisers and not come home to defend his record of the last four years? He is re-applying for this job, he needs to show up for the interview.

Massachusetts families deserve better.